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Location, Location, Location…Is Everything!

I’m sure you’ve heard that expression from your friends in the real estate industry, but have you ever heard it from your family photographer? It’s true, when planning a great family portrait, location IS everything. Did you know that most people who plan a family portrait never give location a thought? Just going to a cool or popular location doesn’t mean your portraits will be great.

When going out to a location, I take into consideration; accessibility, safety, where the sun be at the time of the session and many other considerations. I had a family once tell me that they wanted their family portrait in front of the iconic Welcome to Las Vegas sign. There are multiple issues with that location! The background is filled with billboards and powerlines. In magazines, graphic artists have removed all of the clutter to show the strip better! Also, there is a line of people waiting to have their snapshots taken there constantly! Not an ideal spot for your family portrait!

The location we choose together depends on the personality of your family. Are you casual or formal? Would you like a family portrait created in front of the home you built? If your family shares a hobby together, that can give us a variety of locations; at the lake with your boat; on the slopes of Mt. Charleston, on a trail in the desert or with the natural beauty of Redstone.

Many locations especially on BLM or county land have regulations about commercial photography and require permit fees and applications. Getting caught without a permit could result in possible fines, being asked to leave, and confiscating all photographic equipment! As a professional, I stay up to date on all the laws so my clients never have to deal with unpleasant situations.

As your photography expert, I’m always on the lookout for unique places to create great portraits of my families.

Let us know what some of your family portrait location ideas are. We would love to share them with our readers. If you would like to talk about finding a location for your next family portrait, give me a call!

See the Difference in Great Photography!

– Mikel

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