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Photo Myths

1. I HAVE to use the school’s yearbook photographer – WRONG! The school may suggest that you be photographed by their recommended photographer, but all you have to do is have a yearbook “headshot” done by them. Have your real senior portraits done where ever you want. It’s your choice! Choose the best Senior photographer in the Valley…Mikel’s Photography & Design.

2. Senior portraits are expensive – Not true. Every client has different needs and will invest accordingly. You may choose to spend as little as $85 for an individual portrait or take advantage of special pricing with one of our special selections. It’s your choice! Mikel will help make the selection and ordering process very easy.

3. Do we charge extra for retouching? – NO WE DON’T! While some studios may charge extra for blemishes and enhancements, retouching is included with all of your gift size and larger portraits. We just don’t do the minimum like other studios; we take care of it all. Every wall galley portrait is framed and ready for you to display proudly at home, all with no extra cost.

4. Can a relative/friend take my senior portraits –Remember anyone can take a picture, but to create a piece of art takes a true artist. Mikel has had years of training to create stunning images that will make you look incredible!

5. Can I take my images and copy them to make more prints – NO! All portraits are copyrighted, making it illegal to copy all or any part of your portraits without the permission of Mikel. Individuals caught copying any image without permission can receive harsh penalties.

5. Will I have fun having my session done? You Bet! Everyone has fun getting their senior portraits created at Mikel’s! Guaranteed! If Mikel is not having fun NO One is!!!

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